martedì 30 agosto 2011

New trend: change the color of the hair in a shocking color... (Katy Perry docet)

Katy's the beginning

California gurls

California gurls

Fireworks hair

Stile Puffetta - Smurfette style

Presentation "Purr" perfume by Katy Perry

Pink hair MTV VMA 2011
Quale preferite?
Which do you prefer?

7 commenti:

  1. la adoro! amo le persone che hanno il coraggio di osare!

  2. if that trend will last -> we will all be broke and the hairdressers will be rich :-)

    have you seen my latest post ?

  3. Black of course, but blonde suits her great too.
    She is a cute face, so that is the reason of why she looks pretty even with blue hair :)

    See you

  4. Si deve sempre osare nella vita!!!!!!!!!fantastico!!!!!
    ti seguo...passa da me e se ti piace ricambia....kiss

  5. Oh my gosh she's so beautiful she can pull off any hair colour, so jealous. Love her with black hair and surprisingly, pink hair!

  6. I think that black was best on her!

  7. Katie Perry is so beautiful and chamaleonic!!
    Everything suits her perfect!!
    But if I had to choose just one, I will go for the last one, the pink!! Gorgeous!! :-)

    XOXO from Spain!